A system like the one being proposed, which fully respects the privacy and offers a security level, which is practically foolproof, and has unlimited possibilities for its application…

First of all, it has to be emphasised that the PrivacyCard has been created in a manner that would enable it to contain additional data from when it was initially created. For example, a card created for access to the automated distributors can easily be modified to receive additional data related to stadium access (Supporter Card), data for access to the workplace (e.g. employee no.), data for access to specific devices (e.g. security cabinets).

But there is much more… Imagine using the PrivacyCard instead of the classical ATM card: there is no need to remember the PIN number and most importantly the card can never by cloned.

Or this system can be applied to the so-called slot machines, i.e. machines that should be prohibited to minors.

The card could even be used as a key to start your car. Or to open the door of your home. And why not? Transform it into a true and proper electronic identity card that would also contain the driving licence data as well as the health card data. As well as the fiscal code. Everything in one single card.

In addition, the system that was patented also has a very high level of traceability.
Every single card writing operation is registered on the same card. In other words, when a new card is created, or when new data is added to the card, then the serial numbers of the writing device that has generated the card and the ‘master’ codes card used to activate the device are recorded.

In this way, enforcement officers will have an audit trail to trace back when and where the card was generated as well as the person who physically inserted the data…