Many food services are linked to a number of agreements stipulated between the food provider and the company and /or entity that make use of the said services.

Access to school and university canteens is regulated by different laws (municipal, provincial …) that determine the regulations for facilitated access (or free access) to the said service. For example, the student has to purchase a number of food vouchers to be able to use the service, provided by the canteen. At the same time the student will be required to present the university badge to prove that he/she has the right to make use of the said service.

Companies also have a similar system, with the only difference being the presentation of their badge in order to allow the company to deduct the minimum part of the service cost, from the employee salary, rather than having to purchase the food voucher.

In these cases, the PrivacyCard will firstly verify that the person coming to the canteen will have the said right and secondly, that it will allow the university and/or company to know the identity and the number of times that the person has used the service.

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