Almost all the hotels and other accommodation facilities (campsites, holiday villages …) have now implemented electronic systems to open the room doors, i.e. the client will be provided with an electronic key that will enable the opening of the room/accommodation. But this key, if lost, can be used by anybody who finds it.

These facilities can improve their services substantially through a card that is effectively personalised, like the PrivacyCard.

The clients, provided with this biometric card, will feel more secure since they are aware that they are the only persons, together with the authorised service employees, who can gain access to their accommodation.

Consequently, there would be a higher level of control on the service employees since the “master-key” card can register the accommodation visited by each individual employee.

Moreover, the card can also register all the optional services, provided by the facilities, which have been used by the client (for example, the spa services at the accommodation facilities). This will enable the facilities to identify quickly and easily the kind and number of services to be debited to the client.

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