Many car rentals have imposed specific clauses that stipulate that the user of the rented vehicle has to be the same person stipulated in the contract or those additional drivers indicated by the said client. This is implemented in order to avoid damages or improper use of the vehicles. This can include all vehicles: cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The latter are usually left in different places around the city.

The system, usually applied for bicycles, provides the client with a card (membership) that unlocks the bicycle to be used, so that the client will be the only person able to take the bicycle, rather than a third party.

Our system can be used for all these vehicles and most importantly the lessor will ensure that the rented vehicle will be utilised by the applicant client or by approved persons. In addition, it will be possible to use only one card for all the vehicles, but this must obviously be activated, by the lessor, for all the other vehicles.

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