Amusement parks and theme parks are places that, at times, can become very crowded. Many times the influx of visitors is substantial, leading to long queues at the entry points.
The main problem is related to the membership verification. In fact, the registered user (the person who has purchased a season card) expects to be treated with more respect than the occasional user. However, frequently, the opposite occurs since the membership has to be verified more closely as compared to a normal entry. In addition, the parks are usually located close to large tourist locations. It is easily understood that it is rather simple to purchase a season membership, use it for the duration of the holiday and then resell it to the next tourist …
Therefore the members should be subjected to a higher level of control.

For example, some parks have adopted the barcode/QR code system to validate the membership. In addition they insert the owner’s name and surname and/or photo on the card. But, many times, the name and photo are not checked, in order to accelerate the entry process, giving rise to a lack of control and a breach of security, at the same time.
In these cases, the PrivacyCard will avoid this problem completely, by providing a much faster access and at the same time verifying that the user is effectively the owner of the membership card.
In addition, the PrivacyCard is utilised in managing the entry points and it will also be possible to “upload” additional specific services on the card, like the use of the fastlane on specific rides for a specific number of times; or promotions at refreshment points…

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