The “Supporter Card” was introduced during 2010 in order to prevent violence at the stadiums. This card provided the possibility to “register” the citizens that went frequently to the stadium. But this solution was deemed useless against violence, even though the Amato Law, which is still in force, stipulates under Art. 9, that tickets and subscriptions to the supporter card are not allowed to those persons who have been convicted for the so-called “stadium crimes”.
At the moment it is too easy to gain access to the stadiums by using a friend’s card …
In these cases, the PrivacyCard can be the solution since it ensures that only the legitimate card owner can gain access to the stadium.

Nowadays, the public access control in large structures, like stadiums, is a problem that is always in the limelight, especially following the intensification of terrorist attacks in Europe, which target crowded locations.
In our opinion, there is no need to implement a higher level of control in order to ensure a higher security level for the citizens, since many times these lead to a decrease in our privacy rights. There is a need for better controls.

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