We are an INNOVATIVE START-UP with a high value patent at its base.

The ideas on this patent started early in the 2000s borne from the experience of a producer of automated video rentals distributors, who encountered different legislations whilst doing business in foreign countries. Some of these regulations imposed the use of biometric recognition systems for automated distributors.

The solution adopted initially was the classical option: a database of biometric data (that was conveniently converted and encrypted) placed on the distributor’s server. But this solution did not satisfy him since, in particular regard to various distributors belonging to a particular chain, this data had to be disseminated to all the different local servers.

Since all the clients had a card, in order to access the distributors, he thought that all the biometric data could be saved directly on the card thus making them effectively more personal. The Italian patent was born from this initial idea.

Subsequently, we extended this patent abroad.

These last few years have been very work intensive with substantial research, testing and trials (at considerable expense) in order to succeed in having a product that would be economical, technologically advanced and in line with the strictest requirements related to privacy.

We have succeeded

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